Global video experts make new and creative promotional videos
that support various genres including drone shots, 3D, 2D, and footage for show hosts.

Media with a creative & differentiated filming

Superbee Media Team

The Superbee Media Team is a group of global video experts that make new and creative promotional videos. The team is equipped with integrated production systems for planning, direction, shooting and editing, to create the best videos for the client’s brand-image. They provide higher-level video content using various equipment and shooting techniques. The videos can be translated into other languages including Korean, English, Chinese, and Japanese for products that will be released worldwide. They support any genres of shooting such as drone shootings, 3D, 2D, and for show hosts, to deliver the brand-image more effectively.
Request for a video
Steps to make videos
A step for communication with clients
– Script : basic scenario for the video making
– Storyboard : Pictures to help understand the story of the video
– Translation : Making the story into other languages such as Korean, English, Chinese, and Japanese
A step to make the discussed story into a video
– Image : Shooting from various angles with DSLR cameras
– 2D/3D : various graphic and motion works
– Show host : Catching the attention of people with brilliant conversation
– Helicam : Dynamic shooting using drones
The second step for directing and finishing the work
– Editing : editing cuts to make a unique video
– VFX : special effects work
– Color Compensation : adjusting the colors of the video
– Matte-painting : works to give the fictional images a more realistic look

Media Portfolio