Expert photographers with more than 17 years of experience
Best image expressions with optimal lighting and sets for products and product imaging

Photography with a beautiful & modern presentation

Superbee Photography

Possesses Digital back and camera equipment
Distinctive image strategies for different brands and high-resolution shooting data
Offers optimal images through lighting and sets for each brand’s needs
Completed images are provided in a wide-use data to be utilized in every form
Show the world best trendy way to take photos
Achieves the optimal image through lighting and sets for the company’s product characteristics and brand needs. Provides the best results through post-adjustment work.
Furniture & interior
We have a wide range of experience in shooting different products from simple items to complex large-size interiors, and the ability to we create film sets at the clients request. For a large-scale set, we cooperate and collaborate with professional set studios, set coordinators, and set production teams.
Location visits
In cases when the subject cannot be moved, such as production lines or large machines, we can visit the place and take images using the best possible methods and lightings.
To express the texture of the food in images, we use high-resolution digital back, cooperate with food stylists, and propose the draft to fit the menu before taking photos.
To get the best image cuts for cosmetics, we do sufficient market research beforehand, and cooperate with expert coordinators to create optimal images.
Starting from selecting the best model to fit the latest trend, we shoot the images of the model in various angles through thorough communications with the subject.

Photography Portfolio